The State of Feelings

/ Friday, 6 January 2017 /
I wish the sun could speak,
so it could tell me that tomorrows will be better.
I wish I could seek comfort to the moon,
so that I wouldn't need to worry
about having no one to reach.

I wish I could dance gracefully,
so that I could show you what happened to me.
I wish I could sing beautifully,
so that I could tell you how I felt lately.

The state of feelings;
will never be any less of feelings;


Sebuah Surat Terbuka Untuk Pemuda Indonesia

/ Monday, 4 April 2016 /

Untuk Pemuda Indonesia,

Kalian luar biasa. Kalian kuat, kalian cerdas, kalian berhati baik, kalian independen, dan kalian berharga.

Aku harap kalian tidak pernah menganggap diri sendiri sebagai akibat dari kegagalan sistem, melainkan produk dari proses kemajuan. Aku harap kalian tidak pernah menyalahkan siapapun mengenai tantangan yang dihadapi negara kita, karena jika kita melakukan itu, kita tidak akan pergi lebih jauh dari di mana kita sekarang.

Aku harap kalian tidak pernah kehilangan harapan karena kitalah harapan.

Ambillah langkah besar mulai dari membuka mata kita, dan sadari akan kekuatan kita sebagai pemuda. Kita muda dan kita memiliki waktu, energi. Terlepas dari berbagai latar belakang budaya kita, latar belakang agama, latar belakang keuangan, dll. Kita semua sama-sama kuat, nasib negara kita terletak di bahu kita dan bayangkan betapa kuatnya kita kalau kita bersatu. Kalau saja kita semua bersedia untuk mendidik diri kita sendiri dan siap melayani negara dengan ilmu pengetahuan yang kita miliki.

Kita berhak atas kesempatan yang sama seperti anak muda di seluruh dunia lainnya. Sekarang kita hanya perlu mengambilnya.

Untuk Pemuda Indonesia,

Berhenti berpikir tentang apa yang media memberitahu kalian siapa kalian seharusnya, berhenti membuang-buang waktu menatap layar yang memberitahukan kalau tidak ada harapan lagi untuk kita, anak muda. Berhenti khawatir jika hal-hal baik yang kalian sukai akan menghasilkan banyak uang atau tidak, berhenti membuang-buang waktu untuk berpikir tentang bagaimana kalian bisa mendapatkan angka yang lebih tinggi di atas kertas.

Hanya kalian yang tahu seberapa jauh kalian sudah melangkah, seberapa jauh kalian bisa melangkah, dan seberapa jauh kalian ingin melangkah.

Kalian jauh lebih baik dari yang kalian pikirkan.
Kalian lebih dari apa yang guru kalian katakan tentang Kalian.
Kalian lebih dari nilai kalian di atas kertas.
Kalian lebih dari reputasi sekolah kalian.
Kalian lebih dari latar belakang keuangan kalian.
Kalian lebih dari apa yang masyarakat harapkan dari kalian.

Kalian adalah ketekunan kalian.
Kalian adalah kerja keras kalian.
Kalian adalah ketulusan kalian.
Kalian adalah visi kalian.
Kalian adalah kejujuran kalian.
Kalian adalah kepercayan.
Kalian adalah kesediaan kalian untuk berkorban untuk orang lain.
Kalian adalah batas kalian sendiri.

Kalian mempunyai kebebasan untuk melakukan dan menjadi apa pun yang kalian inginkan. Apa pun itu yang membuat kalian bahagia, selama itu tidak membahayakan siapapun, selama itu berguna.

Pelajarilah apa pun yang kalian inginkan dan buatlah sesuatu dari pengetahuan kalian.
Pelajarilah hal-hal yang kita hadapi, dan tantanglah diri kalian untuk menemukan solusinya.
Pelajarilah isu-isu kalian dan jangan takut untuk menyatakan pendapat Kalian.
Belajarlah untuk menghargai dan menghormati orang tanpa melihat ras, kebangsaan, atau agama.

Jelajahi tanah kita dan lestarikanlah keindahannya dengan menjaga dan merawatnya dengan baik.

Tidak ada kekerasan, kebencian, atau prasangka pernah dapat memperbaiki negara kita.
Tidak ada penindasan, kekerasan, atau kediktatoran dapat membuat kita menjadi manusia yang lebih baik.

Kita adalah pemuda yang menghadapi masalah dengan kepala terangkat dan senyum di wajah kita. Kita tertawa dan kita menemukan kebahagiaan melalui hal-hal kecil.

Untuk Pemuda Indonesia,

Jangan pernah lupa untuk mendengarkan. Dengarkanlah gema dunia. Kalian tidak harus setuju pada segala sesuatu, tetapi kalian selalu bisa belajar untuk menerima. Semakin banyak kalian mendengarkan, semakin banyak kalian belajar.

Saya Meuthia dan saya bangga menjadi pemuda Indonesia.

Dengan Hormat,


ditulis di Levi, Finnish Lapland, Finlandia pada tanggal 2 Maret 2016

Dear Indonesian Youths,

/ Sunday, 3 April 2016 /
AFS/YES Indonesia 2015-2016 #LangkahAnakBangsa
Dear Indonesian Youths,

You are amazing. You are strong, you are smart, you are kind, you are independent, and you are precious.

Please never consider yourselves as products of failed systems, but products of progress to greatness. I hope you never put a blame on anyone about the challenges our country face, because if we do that, we won't go any further than where we are now. 

I hope you never lose hope because we are THE hope.

Take a big step starting from opening our eyes, and realizing how powerful we are as young people.We have time, we have energy. Regardless of our various cultural backgrounds, religious backgrounds, financial backgrounds, etc.We all are equally powerful, the fate of our country lies on our shoulders and if we come together, we will be at our strongest. If only we all are willing to educate ourselves and to serve our country with our knowledge.

We deserve equal opportunities as other youths across the world. Now we just need to take it.

Beautiful Indonesian children and I
Dear Indonesian Youths,

Stop thinking about what the media tells you who you should be, stop wasting time staring at the screen that tells how hopeless we can be. Stop worrying if the nice things you love to do will give you a lot of money or not, stop wasting time thinking about how you can get higher numbers on papers.
Only you who knows how far you have gone, how far you can go, and how far you want to go. 

You are so much better than you think.
You are more than what your teachers say about you.
You are more than your numbers on your paper.
You are more than your school's reputation.
You are more than your financial background.
You are more than what the society wants you to be.

You are your perseverance.
You are your sincerity.
You are your vision.
You are your honesty.
You are your faith.
You are what you are willing to do for the others.
You are your limit.

You are free to do and to be whatever you want. Whatever it is that makes you happy, as long as it is harmless, as long as it is useful. 

Learn about whatever you want and create something out of it.
Learn about whatever matters we are facing, and challenge yourself to find out solutions. 
Learn about the world and its issues, say your opinions. 
Learn to respect people whatever their race, nationality, or religion is.

Explore our lands and embrace its beauty by taking a good care of it.

No violence, hatred, nor prejudice can ever fix our country.
No oppression, violence, nor dictatorship can make us better humans.

We are youths who face problems with our heads up and smiles on our face. We laugh and we embrace happiness through little things. 

Dear Indonesian Youths,

Last but not least, never forget to listen. Listen to the echoes of the world. You don't have to agree on everything, but you can always learn to accept.The more you listen, the more you learn.
Me #eak

I am Meuthia and I am a proud to be Indonesian Youth. 



written march 2nd 2016 in Levi, Finnish Lapland.
originally written for Ranalia Ocsaviani Putri from MAN 2 Samarinda as her English task. Good luck!

16 Thing I Learned by 16 and 16 Wishes to Start 17

/ Tuesday, 11 November 2014 /
16 things I learned by 16

1. Loving makes you feel alive, though it hurts a lot most of the times. It is the beautiful thing that can shatter you to pieces. But don't even worry about it, love is a prize that life gives you.

2. Family is important. Even if they are not always around you when you need them, but they are the first people who will support what is good enough for you.

3. Your friends, no matter how happy and light they are at school. Back at home, they have their own stories that we could never guess and thought of that they can get through. So, take a deep breath. You are not the only one who is having hard times.

4. Don't rely your happiness on others. People leave and even if they promised not to, sometimes it is not their fault that they have to. Write about your feelings, get yourself a cup of tea or coffee, then think about beautiful things. That's how I find my happiness.

5. Talk about marriage even if you are still long long enough to come to that way. To remind that someday you may have beautiful little family to take care of after you finished serving the world with your education (or maybe you can do both at the same time).You have to learn to love sincerely.

6. Romance novels are not that bad. They taught you about fiery emotions of humans that always have the possibility to happen to you. Learn about the characters go through it. Maybe they taught you how to be strong.

7. It is okay to be angry, it's human-being. Anger is the oldest emotion in the history of human evolution. But anger can always be and better be controlled with the poise of mind and soul.

8. Your teachers are not always right, they are just humans like us and they have their own living and perspective. But they never ever mean or have the heart to harm you. They care about you,don't be afraid to hug them. They are your parents at school.

9. Don't rush to be in love. Don't be desperate about having a boyfriend. Best things, sometimes, happen accidentally.

10. School is important. Do your best, don't cheat, work hard and I swear, you won't regret all the effort you put.

11. Getting to know people who are not from your environment is exciting. Make friends with students from different schools, talk about how it is going in their school and talk about differences. It will widen your mind and sight.

12. It is true that outer beauty attracts million admirers, but you don't need million admires if you are loved deeeeeeply by a couple of people around you. So why worry about it?

13. Talk to elders about their past, about their childhood, about their young romance. I know that their days are different to ours, but it worth something, I promise.

14. There will come days when you want those teenage dreams where-as a girl-you are given flowers by a charming boy, or you go out until midnight to a gig with the most trendy outfit on and people simply think you are cool by just doing messy things most youths on tv do. Don't ever think about it, just be yourself. Someday you will realize that it never really bring you to anything good in your life. Such funs are temporary.

15. Take care of yourself, not for beauty but for health. Wash your hair,exercise at least once a week, eat veggies and fruits, drink a lot of water, and go for a long walk along beautiful places to put your mind calm.

16. Don't give up on your dreams.Failures have led me to something bigger and bigger everytime. Just keep doing your best, pray to God and just let God handle it.

16 wishes to start 17

1. To breathe each morning air with the feeling of being blessed and loved.
2. For people around me, to be happy with what they've got. I mean, less sadness in this world
3. To always be grateful to Allah of what He have given me. To always be reminded that He will never leave me astray.
4. To meet more and more amazing people.
5. To have strength and enough bravery to accept myself the way I am every millisecond.
6. To have someone lovely who plays with my hair to sit together at night, just to count the stars and have hot chocolate or tea.
7. To share more things to people.
8. To travel the world, to learn different cultures
9. To have the ability to cook tasty foods
10. For my family, to always be together even though each of us is separated miles and miles away.
11. To always have the ability the ability to speak words of kindness.
12. To see more and more things in different ways.
13. To learn to earn my own living in the simplest way
14. To learn more about astronomy and weird sciences
15. To learn about architecture.
16. To live and die gracefully.

Happy birthday, my dear self. I am glad you haven't ended your life when you were 13 when you thought you had no friends, when you were 14 when you felt worthless, when you were 15 when you felt ugly. I am proud of you, my dear self. Thanks to God for this opportunity,do better than before. Thanks to anyone who makes me feel loved.

Bontang, Indonesia
10 November 2014

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